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So, 2016?!! I can’t believe how time flies. I’m turning 30 in a little over a week so I thought it be a great time to start a new project, whilst resolutions are the flavour of the month. And here it is; The Big Lifts Grub Club; a food blog for strength trainers,  athletes, active busy people (and anyone else who wants to listen).

I must say off the bat that I am not formally trained in cooking in any way shape or form. I am completely self taught, but also with a whole host of things to learn.

My academic backgroud is in Sports Conditioning having gained my degree and a postgraduate diploma back in 2008. Although this isn’t now my area of work I am still hugely passionate about keeping in shape and helping others do the same.

So, a little about me; I’m Taff, I’m newly married; Mrs H-G and I tied the knot towards the end of last year. I’m passionate about making and eating good food. I hold the belief that this, together with a good programme of strength and conditioning can help you excel in the sporting environment and life in general.

My podgy frame as a 10 year old was perhaps a giveaway that I enjoyed food from a young age. I was always destined to play rugby. I had a growth spurt when I was about 14 and woke up one day as a tall, lanky, skinny kid who’s clothes hung off him like he’d been given his dad’s hand-me-downs. I’ve been a ‘hardgainer’ ever since and on a bulking phase for 10 years it seems.

I consider myself a really active and busy person and as I work shifts it can be doubly difficult to arrange meals and plan around work and sporting committments.

Mrs H-G and I were generously given new kitchen utensils and equipment for wedding gifts, ever since I’ve become intrigued with what I can create in the kitchen and I’ve genuinely surprised myself. I enjoy the challenge of cooking and I’m excited to share this experience with you.

My problem before was always a lack of variety, imagination, creativity and thought. A shed load of new kitchen equipment seems to have given me a kick up the backside. Before this epiphony I just wasn’t feeling the pleasure of chopping onions with what seemed like a butter knife or cooking with a pan everything stuck to like velcro. I know how the saying goes – A bad workman always blames his tools, in this case I’m firmly of the opinion it was the tools’ fault and not mine!

Being Welsh I’m also a bit of a tight-ass! I love to create meals with what’s left-over in the fridge so:

A. I don’t have to go shopping because I hate it

B. So I don’t have to spend any extra money

The food I’m into I guess is classed as ‘Man Food’. Really hearty stuff, rich and big, bold flavours and of course big portions to help get through the day and to keep weight on my ectomorphic frame. My meals are balanced but also protein rich.

I’m not a big pudding fan but as Mrs H-G lives for puddings I best start getting some ideas soon or she’ll be preparing the divorce papers!

I posted some of my meals on Instagram recently and a friend suggested I should start a blog to share meal ideas. That’s when the interal cogs really started turning and I came up with The Big Lifts Grub Club.

I hope to:

  • Share meal ideas and recipes
  • Use the blog as an avenue to record my learning about food
  • Help beginners get started and feel more confident with cooking
  • Share my thoughts on sports conditioning and nutrition

I’ll use this opportunity to highlight that I don’t follow any particular diet plan. I don’t eat Paleo, I don’t track macros, I don’t eat Atkins or any other fad diets out there. I eat for fuel rather than asthetics which is what I’ll be promoting in my posts. That being said, with appropriate training and decent food there is no reason why you can’t be in great shape.

Like the sound of that?

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I’ll leave you with a photo of a recent proud momentand a culinary breakthrough for me! Here is my homemade pastrami….